Giant Down Studios

A subsidiary of Realms Global Group, LLC.

Executive Summary

Giant Down is a media studio and incubator held by Realms Global Group, LLC. Our vision is to empower and equip those God calls to media to impact the world. We believe, just as CS Lewis did for writers, that we need more media producers who are Christian than we do Christian media producers. We believe it is possible to both entertain and minister through media without relying on preaching to a choir of Believers.

We will accomplish our vision through creating our own soundstage, building a crowdfunding and voting platform, and developing an incubator for content creators.

Our digital media studio that serves 2 purposes:

  1. We will provide a 10,000 - 15,000 square foot sound stage and related production facilities that will cater primarily industrial clients in the Houston area, such as oil and gas, energy, and medical companies.
  2. We will also utilize our revenue and work to support the development of a new generation of Christian media producers.


We are based in Houston, TX. Our largest industries are oil and gas, energy, and medicine. However, when it comes to facilities for these huge corporations to produce commercials, training videos, and other content, Houston falls short for anything above 3,000 square feet. Our research has shown that if we build a sound stage of at least 10,000 square feet, we fill a huge whole in our market that so far loses business to other Texas cities.

This will serve as our primary revenue source, as well as a training grounds for a new generation of Christian media producers, as the projects produced in our facilities will provide ample opportunities for internships and on-the-job-training.

Film and Television Production:

With our own soundstage, we can significantly decrease costs of our own narrative productions and those of others we choose to work with. Currently, we have one sports drama in one documentary in development. We also have completed scripts for a modern western movie and a thriller. We plan to lead with the documentary as that will be the least expensive to produce, and will mark are relaunch as producers. We also have 3 concepts for television series.

In addition to our own ideas, we will identify and develop other talented creators with projects that we believe in. We will use our crowdfunding and voting platform to help us identify the right projects to greenlight.

Crowdfunding and Voting:

In addition to developing media projects and production talent, we will also develop an audience for a new generation of Christian media.

Demographics are shifting away from conventional church membership. People are seeking purpose, faith, and relationships in alternative faith communities. Millennials and Gen Z are spending more and more time online consuming media content and interacting with others on social media.

Our goal is to meet this audience in their shifting expression and search of faith with media content that speaks to their journey - in essence, modern day parables via modern technology.

To begin to do this, we will create a website, app, and social media pages that introduce a new breed of Christian media producers to the audience they will serve with their art. Of course, we will welcome the existing audience of today's popular faith based film genre to the conversation.

Our app will allow audiences to get to know the producers, writers, directors, and actors creating these projects. Audiences will also get to vote on their favorites. We will then select projects from these votes and our own criteria to actually green light for production. Additionally, we will give our app users opportunities to participate in crowdfunding programs to support these projects financially.

While we do not anticipate being able to fully fund movies from this crowdfunding application, we will definitely be able to use it to validate our own production choices as we raise capital.